What Is Interracial Sex Like?

A common question asked to people in interracial relationships is what the sex is like. Some double standards get applied to such relationships. People in those relationships get asked a lot of questions, more so on their sex experience. When a person sees a couple in interracial relationship, it elicits a lot of questions in the mind, one coming after another. The questions include “how did they meet?”, “is their love for each other like that in same-race relationship?”, and most people are more eager about “how is their sex?” With interracial relationships in adults there seems to be an exceptional increase in curiosity—one that is different from that of same-race couples. This curiosity comes from both sides of races, with one questioner asking how intense the sex is.

Craig had just returned from working in the Peace Corps in Africa, and was having drinks with his friends. His friends asked him if he’d made any friends there and he said yes. The next question was if he had a girlfriend, which he answered yes. The third question that everybody was waiting for is how the sex was.

Most people when asked the question if they’ve ever had sex with a person from another race, they answer no. But they would really like to as their imagination about the experience makes them excited.

One white woman says she only has sex with her boyfriend (a black man) so she doesn’t have anything to compare to but, says she can’t imagine it would be different with a man from the same race. Another white woman gives an interesting encounter—she says her first sexual encounter was with a black guy and everyone she have been with since has been black. She says she once had sex with a white guy but all she can say is “once you go black, you never go back”. This white woman says the sex experiences with black men have been fantastic.

Porn has changed a lot of views about interracial sex in a way, making some people less curious about it because if they want to know about a non-white/white/Asian woman or non-white/white/Asian male they simply Google it. The only notion that seems not to change in most people is that Asian men have a small penis. However one woman I spoke to said that is a myth as well, as her husband is Asian and has a rather large penis!

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