Black men and big packages

Not all Black men have big packages surely? No, says Loulou from London escorts, this is a common street myth. I have dated a lot of Black guys and they have all been rather normal. The big Black men myth came out of the United States, but I am not so sure how it actually got started. Could it be that a lot of white ladies enjoyed having sex with Black men? When I have some time off from escorts in London, I plan to do a little bit more research into this topic. It is kind of interesting and I am rather into all types of street myths.

I think that our minds sort of make up lots of things. It is bit like all of these people who claim that they have been abducted by aliens. Really? One of the girls at London escorts dreams a lot about aliens and she actually believes that she was abducted when she was younger. I am not sure that is right, but it is hard to prove it one way or the other. Most of the time escorts in London are rather sensible but we do get the odd one who is a bit crazy.

Anyway, there are girls at escorts in London who say that the Arab guys they date have big packages as well. I am sure that if you asked 100 London escorts, you would get a different answer every time. The truth is, it depends on what we compare the package to. Some normal guys have very good packages, but it all depends on how they dress as well. Some guys dress more discreetly, others look like they have stuck a sock in their package to make it look bigger. A bit like some ballet dancers, and I just think that looks silly in many ways.

The girls at London escorts often think that I date Black guys because of their big packages. This is not true at all. When I am not working for London escorts, I like to dance and we all know that Black men can dance really well. Seeing Black people dance turns me on and I even get turned on by Black women dancing. When I go out dancing, I dance with both men and women, it does not bother me at all. I am not really bisexual but I do have some tendencies in that direction.

I also think that there are a lot of street myths out there which needs to be explained. It would be great to have some time away from work and just look into all of these street myths. People talk about this sort of stuff all of the time, and I would just love to have a couple of months off from London escorts, to see if I could write a book about it. It may not be the biggest seller but at the same time, I am sure that a lot of people would be really interested. Perhaps it would be a book just for me.


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