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I have enjoyed working for London escorts, but now I am going back to college. During my time at the agency I have been able to earn a lot of money, and now I have enough money to start Beauty College. I have thought about it long and hard but it is really time to do want I have always wanted to do. Going to Beauty College and becoming a beautician has always been my dream and now it is time to fulfill it. It will take about two years to complete my course, but it is one of the best courses in the UK.


London escorts

Of course, I have plenty of people to practice on as well, laughs Tina. All of the friends I have made at London escorts would like to be my guinea pigs and I don’t mind that at all. It is surprising how many new friends you gain when you decide to become a beautician, they all want free treatments. I don’t mind that because a lot of the time it can be difficult to find case studies. I have never written a case study in my entire life, but I will have a go. If I start now, I will be really good at it when it comes to exam time.


There are quite a few exams on the course and that worries me a bit. I have not been to school for such a long time that I feel out of touch. Mind you, I am sure that I can get some of my friends from London escorts to help me. They simply need to be able to ask me some questions and I will see if I can answer. Studying may seem difficult at the moment, but I feel confident that I can get the hang of it.


Am I scared? I am a bit worried about not having an income from London escorts services from, but I will budget carefully. To me advantage I have been able to buy a small apartment with my earnings from the escorts service. There is not mortgage on it and this really helps a great deal. The course is completely paid for, so all I have to worry about is daily living expenses. If I run out of money, I suppose I will have to do some part time escorting. That should sort the problem out quickly.


It feels strange and I was telling my friends it is a bit like opening the door to the rest of my life. Many London escorts have left before me, and gone on to do well. Some of them even run their own businesses and that is what I am hoping to do one day. It will be another challenge but that is a few years down the line. If I am really careful with my money, I will have enough money to get me through the course and to set myself up in business. That would be a real achievement for a girl from Devon!


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