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The adult entertainment industry is not a new industry and it is even argued that it is the source of some of the oldest professions known to humanity such as prostitution. This of course may not be entirely true but there is no doubt that the industry has always been full on both sides with the services in constant demand and the supply always ready to meet this demand. But what goes on behind the minds of porn stars, London escorts of and or prostitutes are they troubled, happy, embarrassed convinced or otherwise?

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It is however known that the adult entertainment industry is one of the most paying forms of employment anywhere on earth and it is therefore hard to distinguish between love for the profession and a motivation for the money as is reported by various porn stars. Some however get clean about it and confess that while there may be other attractions attached to the profession such as many different sexual encounters and experiences, the money was the primary reason why they pursued their line of work in the first place. A single hour with an escort for instance may cost as much as $1000 and given that an escort or a porn star may be in business for as many as ten years, it can get really attractive.

In the Western world where there is relatively fewer restrictions on what path in life individuals may pursue, porn stars report finding happiness and satisfaction in what they do. Many claim to do it out of their own free will and for the case of many female porn stars and London escorts, it is a matter of exploring their sexuality to the fullest’. Dylan Ryan a porn star for instance confesses to pursuing her line of work because the adult entertainment industry gave her a way of expressing herself and her sexuality and because “other women are going to see that and see me enjoying myself”. To many women of her kind it is about liberation, exploration and positive feminism. Male porn stars and London escorts and who enjoy greater freedoms while choosing their professions in most societies are also more likely to report being satisfied with what they do.

Despite this, not all cases are full of glamour and cash. Circumstances are known to force people to do things they won’t normally do and in the process they get used to doing these things. Escort services for instance are considered to be one of the core businesses of human trafficking gangs and drug cartels. These cartels exploit people women especially by forcing them to prostitution and into becoming prostitutes and or porn stars. Poverty also plays an important role when it comes to forcing people in the adult entertainment industry. Under these circumstances, London escorts and porn stars are likely to report feelings of low self-worth, depression and hopelessness.

In general however, it is to be noted that the porn stars and everybody else in the adult entertainment industry find their profession to be just like any other. To them it is a job just like yours is to you. With this prevailing philosophy, the feelings around their work become like those of every job. There are the ups and downs, the highs and the lows and the happy and the sad moments.




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