From a London escort to Novelist

I have always enjoyed writing, but I never thought it would be what I would end up doing when I left London escorts. However, by chance I happened to meet a girl who worked as an editor for a leading book publishing company in London, and I don’t know, but I did end up telling her all about my career as a London escort. She was a little bit surprised, but she asked me to write a short story about working for the best escorts agency charlotte escorts to a weekly publication the company owned.

To my surprise, my short story was a real hit, and one of the other editors at the publishing company really liked it as well. I was just coming of a cruise when they got in touch and asked me to supply a synopsis for a book about London escorts. To be honest, it surprised me so much that I almost fell over as I boarded the train in Southampton back to London. I could not believe I was being asked to write about charlotte escorts.

Did I have enough material? During my time with London escorts, I had kept a diary, ad when I came home, it was the first thing I laid my hands on. I had dated some real eccentrics during my time with charlotte escorts, and I felt pretty sure that there was more than enough material in my diary that I could use when writing the book. In the end, it was not very hard to produce the synopsis for the first book, and once approved, I started to write. I had never worked with an editor before, but it was not very difficult. It was a bit like having a mentor that came up with a lot of bright ideas.

I needed to write 50,000 words for the book to get published and I was not even sure where to start. But after a little bit of effort, I managed to get started, and once I got stuck in, it was not very hard to pen 50,000 words. I used a couple of my favorite characters from London escorts, but changed their names. After only a month, I had finished my first London escorts novel, and with a few tweaks, the publishing company accepted my book.

Did my book sell? I did not start to write the second book about London escorts until I knew that the first one was a success. From the start, it was clear that the book was going to be popular and it sold very well with women. They were curious what about my London escorts career, and when I started on my second book, I knew exactly what my readers were looking for. A bit of romance and a lot of sexy scenes seemed to hit the spot. I wonder how many ladies who read my books would like to have been, or like to be, escorts in London. We all have our secret dreams and desires.


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