How to celebrate your birthday in style

I do date some very nice men and I know that many of the girls at London escorts are a bit jealous of me to have so many nice dates. Well, I think that I deserve it as I have worked really hard on my London escort image. Making sure that you have a smart and well kept image helps a lot. It does not matter what you say. If you want to attract the right kind of gent, you really need to think about your image. If does not matter if you work as a London escort or in Tesco.

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One of my favorite gents who I see the most of at London escorts, is pretty well off. He comes around a couple of times per week, and over the last two years we have been dating, he has become a close friend. I normally don’t let on when my birthday is coming up, but for some reason I had let it slip to Stephen. He was so easy to talk to, and I guess that I must have just

mentioned it in general conversation.

Anyway, a couple of days before my birthday, Stephen had contacted the London escorts service that I work for, and block booked the entire day. Being a bit of a dippy blonde at times, I did not associate the block booking with my birthday. It was not until Stephen turned up with a while bouquet of my favorite flowers it dawned on me that something was up. He was a bit early, and I was still in my casual gear I wear when I make my through London. It did not worry him one little bit.


He gave me the biggest smile, and told me that we were going to celebrate my birthday in style. Without another word, he grabbed my bag, took me by the hand, and we walked down to his chauffeur driven car which was waiting for us outside. It was not the sort of thing that happens very often at our London escorts agency. Before I knew it, we were on our way to one of London’s top store for some shopping. Stephen bought me a couple of new outfits. After that, he rushed me straight to a top beauty spa in London.


I felt like I was caught up in a whirlwind of things happening. It was not long before we were in a hotel room where I could change. Apparently Stephen was treating this like a day off from London escorts for me, and was planning to take me to see a show, and then a late night dinner at a top restaurant. At the end of the night I was really tired. It was Friday so it was the last night of the week. When I fell asleep in that fantastic hotel bed, I could not believe all of the things that had happened. I had received some fantastic presents but best of all, I had enjoyed a nigh out with a man that I had come to respect a lot. Was I in love? Yes, you could say that I was in love.  I am not sure what the future holds for me and Stephen, but I think that he has changed our relationship a lot. Will it ever go back to normal? No, I don’t think so but I am just going to chill out and enjoy it for what it is.




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