I don’t have a lot of dreams but I do have one reoccurring dream about London escorts in London.

It is my favorite dream of all time, and I wake up all excited and ready to go. I think that it is one of those dreams that are a bit like wishful thinking, and can easily get you a bit too excited. To be honest, I have never told any of the girls that I date at the agency about my dream as it is a bit kinky. All of the girls that I date our so nice that I do not want to offend them at all.

The date’s starts with me going around to see one of my favorite London escorts. Her name is Diamond and she has always really managed to turn me on. Diamond has long blonde hair and lovely longs legs that go all the way up to her perfectly shaped bum. Her eyes sparkle when she laughs, and she has this amazing tongue that she can twist around in all different sorts of ways. She is probably one of the most popular escorts at the London escort agency, and I know that I am not the only man who enjoys her company.

Diamond is the main character in my dream. The other character in the dream is Chantelle. She is a really hot Indian escorts from the same London escorts agency. I have been dating her for a few years as well, and she is super sexy in her own way. Some men do have fetishes, and I have to admit that I have a bit of a fetish for Indian girls with small tits.. Well, Chantelle is one of those and I enjoy her company immensely. She is rather the opposite from Diamond, and is loud and very randy. In my dream she is the one who is responsible for all of the action.

In my dream Diamond is asleep in her bed wearing next to nothing. I don’t know where I am but I can see everything which is going on. All of a sudden Chantelle walks in, and starts peeling the covers of Diamond. She is doing it really slowly and at the same time she is touching her. Chantelle starts to play with Diamond as she is not quite awake yet. Suddenly, Chantelle takes out a vibrator and starts to pleasure Diamond. She is loving every minute of it, and comes with a lot of noise. This is always when I wake up. I suppose it is really just a dream about two of my favorite London escorts.

Most people would probably say that it isn’t even a very kinky dream but it certainly turns me on. I don’t know where the idea has come from, but maybe I have seen a movie or something like that. I love the dream and it is special as two of my favorite London escorts have roles in it. I never know when the dream is going to come, but you can sort of say that it is a sweet surprise when it comes.


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