How I Found My Dream Man In London

Do you need to join a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy to site find a dream man in London? Finding a man to call your own is now easier than it used to be for many women. But, I have to admit when I first left London escorts, I really did struggle to find a man who would be happy to accept that I used to work for a London escorts. Unlike many other girls who have worked as London escorts, I was simply not willing to take the chance that my man would one day accidentally find out that I had been an escort in London.

The truth is you really don’t need to be a member of a Sugar Baby to bag a man in London. If you have worked for a London escorts service, you probably have rather an extensive list of contacts anyway. At least that is what you should have if you made a success out of your London escorts career. So, instead of worrying about joining the one of many Sugar Daddy sites, or using dating apps, I would check out all of the single men you have in your little black book. That was what I decided to a couple of months after I had left London escorts.

Of course, not all men who like to date London escorts are single. How can you tell that a man that you are dating is single? It takes a lot of experience of working for London escorts to know when a man is single. I have always let men discreetly tell me if they are single or not. Let me give you an example. A man who is single is much more likely to give you his mobile phone so that you can message him if you feel that you need to. Anyway, so I sat down with my little black book, and started to think about what clients I had really liked when I worked for London escorts.

The next thing I did was to start to send out messages to my former London escorts clients. One message said thinking about you even though I am not working for London escorts anymore. You would be surprised by how many men went for the message and actually got in touch. They wanted to hook up with a sexy lady and take me out for a drink just to find out how I was doing. My strategy certainly paid off and I realised that I was on the right track. They knew what I was all about, and I knew what they were about. Before I knew it, I was dating a couple of times per week.

About a month later, I realised that I may indeed have found my dream man. He was one of what I had started to call my London escorts ex-dates and before I knew it, Tim and I were spending some serious time together. We had nothing to be worried about. Tim knew that I had worked for a London escorts agency. Unlike other guys, he seemed to be able to see beyond that and I was forever grateful. Today, three years later, Tim and I are still an item. We live together and share custody of a cute little dog. Yes, there is certainly life after London escorts. You just have to know where to look.


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