A much easier time finding good escorts

I have been running escorts agencies for quite some time, but two years I set up West Midland escorts of https://www.westmidlandescorts.com. I own another agency in north London as well. The problem in the escorts industry at the moment is that it is very tough to recruit staff. I started this agency as a training ground for new escorts. It gives me a chance to check out the girls and find out what they can do. If they are perfect, I have a much easier time finding good escorts for my elite agency in West London.

Some of the girls who join West Midland escorts have no previous experience of scoring at all. Some agency owners think that I am mad, but I am happy to take on girls who have been lingerie models or former lap dancers. Lingerie models are stunning to start with and as well know, gents like to date sexy and pretty ladies. Lap dancers seem to have some previous experience, and most of the lap dancers that I have met pick up escorting very quickly. They seem to become comfortable around gents very quickly, which is a good thing in this job.


New talent has something special about them, and that is what we like to bring out here at West Midland escorts. I want to have girls who like their jobs and have something different to bring to the game. Many of the girls who start here with us certainly do that, and I want to foster that. It is why I have ended up with so many scorching, and sensual ladies at my elite London escorts service. It is not as easy as it seems at first. To run an agency well, I have learned that it is all in the planning.


Okay, not everything we do is perfect. Still, we certainly do a lot better than many other agencies. This crazy idea of having West Midland escorts as a training ground for new girls has started to pay off, and most of the girls that I have met here are happy to give escorting a go. The vast majority do not have any crazy ideas that they will earn a fortune or anything like that. It seems like most of them like to start and more or less build their little businesses within the agency.


I have every attention to keeping West Midland escorts going. The agency is making money in its own right, and lots of local gents are enjoying dating my hot escorts. I am glad that the girls are doing okay but more than anything, I am so happy that they are so glad. The girls who used to be lingerie models are earning a lot more money than they used. Being a lingerie model is not easy, and the fact is that most of these girls do so much better working as escorts. Lingerie modeling is often hard work and does not pay that much.


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