Forgiveness and start a new beginning as a Barnes Escorts

All of us has dark past and rarely to talk about it to avoid feeling sad or lonely. We cannot deny the fact that we all have secrets we do not want to show off to prevent basher or judgment. We are not perfect, and no matter how hard we try, we always commit mistakes. And mistakes is a reason why we still alive and kicking because we learn from it and continue living. Our past doesn’t define the person or future since we do not choose our situation. And because of we do, there is no struggles and difficulties, because we always want the best. One mistake we made is letting anyone abused or for allowing them to do such bad act around us. We only have one life, and even though we experienced troubles in life never give up on it.  We need to be brave and fight to overcome such obstacles. We should learn to fight for our rights and stand for ourselves. If you want to change your life, start from changing your thought and free yourself from any anger. Remember that anger blocks your blessings and it won’t help you succeed in life. Learn to forgive yourself and the people around you.


In my case, it’s not easy for me to forget and forgive what I have been through life. My life is such a disaster, and even you would not like to be on my shoe. Imagine yourself being alone and hated by everyone. Imagine yourself fighting your battles against everyone. Imagine yourself going through your life block by everyone, isn’t that hard? I can still remember how my aunts and uncle treat me when my parents split up and my mother died. I was born with a broken family and stayed with my mother. We are poor, and my mother is a dishwasher. We have nothing in life but love to each other, we live in a small room and even television we do not have. My mother happiness is my joy, and I keep her making smile because I know she is tired. Her salary isn’t enough for us, but she skips a meal for me to eat. She is only my best friend. After her death, I am adopted by my aunt and abused. They hurt me verbally and physically. Sometimes, I want to end my life.


I get a chance to ran away from them and got a new life elsewhere. I got a little money with me and went to Barnes, London England. I applied myself to different works and been lucky to become Barnes Escort from The job taught me how to forgive myself and people to free myself from too much anger and emotional stress. The work helps me to begin my life again, and I am grateful that I become an independent and strong woman now.


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